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Get Quotes from Top HVAC Contractors in Oklahoma City, OK

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor in Oklahoma City

Improper installation can reduce your heating and cooling system efficiency by up to 30 percent - costing you more on your utility bills and possibly shortening the equipment's life. With Oklahoma's residents paying an average of 12.07cents/kWh, this may amount to a significant increase in your energy bill. However, hiring a qualified HVAC contractor near you can help you reduce your energy bills and increase the efficiency of the equipment. Note, it is recommended that you verify the competence of such professionals before signing off on the contract. As such, you can ask the following questions to ensure your HVAC contractor is a good hire:

Are You Licensed to Practice as an HVAC Contractor in Oklahoma City?

Verifying the licensing status of your intended HVAC contractor is very important before hiring such professionals. Individuals interested in carrying out HVAC-related work in Oklahoma City must obtain professional licenses from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB). Failure to do this is an offense, and such unlicensed individuals will be liable to pay a fine of $500 for the first offense and up to $1,000 for subsequent offenses.

The CIB registers individuals applying for apprenticeship programs and issues licenses to mechanical journeyman and mechanical contractors applicants. Apprentices must be at least 14 years of age and must apply for a registration card to document work carried out while working for an active, licensed mechanical contractor. To qualify for a mechanical journeyman license, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have three years of experience as an apprentice, and pass a licensing examination. Also, applicants for a mechanical contractor license must be at least 19 years old, meet the requirements for a mechanical journeyman license, and have at least one year of experience as a mechanical journeyman. After satisfying the applicable requirements, interested persons can apply for the relevant license by submitting a completed mechanical application form and paying the required fees to the CIB. Applicants for both mechanical licenses should note that they must show proof of a $5,000 corporate surety bond and a minimum of $50,000 general liability insurance. You can contact the CIB at (405) 521-6550 for more information on Oklahoma City's licensing and certification requirements for HVAC contractors.

In addition to state licensing, an HVAC contractor carrying out a repair, servicing, or maintenance of any mechanical equipment containing refrigerants is statutorily required per Section 608 of the Clean Air Act to obtain a mandatory certification.

You can verify the licensing status of your intended HVAC contractors via the CIB's verify licensee search tool.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other HVAC Contractors in Oklahoma City?

The hourly rates charged by HVAC contractors in Oklahoma City are majorly dependent on several factors. These include the experience and skillset of the HVAC contractor, cost of materials, scope and nature of the projects, permits required, and labor. Nonetheless, to have an idea about the average market cost for your project, you can get bids and estimates from at least three HVAC contractors.

An HVAC Contractor in Oklahoma City earns an annual average wage of $50,810. The table below provides a cost comparison of the mean hourly wages for HVAC contractors in Oklahoma City against those of HVAC Contractors in the rest of Oklahoma as well as other major cities in the United States:

Oklahoma City HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
Oklahoma HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
Los Angeles HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
Seattle HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
Houston HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
Detroit HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
New York City HVAC Contractors Mean Hourly Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Do You Comply with the Oklahoma City Building Code for HVAC Work?

Currently, Oklahoma City regulates the installation, maintenance, alteration, and inspection of mechanical systems across the city through the adoption of the 2018 Oklahoma Mechanical Code, although with certain local amendments. The Code also governs mechanical systems and their uses like air conditioning systems, ventilation and exhaust systems, boilers, heaters, pressure vessels, and refrigeration systems. Additionally, the Code establishes the minimum standards of public safety and health when constructing and installing mechanical systems, including the quality of materials, operation, and maintenance.

Considering the importance of the Mechanical Code, you need to comply with every section of the Code that applies to your project. Since you may not be well versed with the Code's provisions, you must hire HVAC contractors that are conversant with the Code. Non-compliance with the Code is classified as a Class A offense against the city, and subsequent violations will equally be classified as a Class B offense. The penalties for these offenses are typically administered by the Oklahoma Department of Development Services. You must hire only qualified contractors who understand the Code and how it may apply to your proposed projects. You can direct your Mechanical Code queries to the Division of Development Center of the Oklahoma Department of Development Services at (405) 297-2525.

Will You Get the HVAC Permits as Required by the Oklahoma City Code?

Generally, permits will be required for any new construction, maintenance work, or repair of mechanical systems in Oklahoma City. Nonetheless, mechanical work that involves maintenance or repair without alteration or rearranging the mechanical installation will not require permits. The Division of Development Center of the Oklahoma Department of Development Services reviews permit applications and issues permits if the application is successful.

The city's Development Center only issues permits upon application by a qualified HVAC contractor hired by the project owner, and applications can be submitted through the city's Citizen Portal. Applicants will be required to sign in to their existing account or create a new user account to use this portal. In addition to completing the online application form, applicants must upload copies of plans if applicable and pay the applicable permit fees. Alternatively, the applicant can complete and submit an application form for residential and commercial mechanical projects via fax (405) 552-6024. The applicants must provide copies of plans for review if their project requires one by submitting them and the applicable permit fees to the Development Center at:

420 West Main Street,
8th Floor,
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 297-2525
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., on Mondays to Fridays

If the application is successful, the city's Division of Development Center will issue the permits, enabling applicants to commence work on their projects. There is usually an inspection list containing an assigned inspector's contact information attached to the permit. The inspector carries out an inspection to ensure compliance with the Mechanical Code. Permittees must contact the designated inspectors indicated in the inspection list to schedule an inspection at the required stages of the project until the final inspection is approved. Permit holders can schedule an inspection via the IVR Automated phone system at (405) 316-5656 or request an inspection online.

For more information on the city's permit process and requirements, you can contact the city's Division of Development Center of the Oklahoma Department of Development Services at (405) 297-2525.

What Kind of HVAC Services Do You Offer?

It is important to ensure your intended HVAC contractor is experienced and skilled to handle your proposed work. HVAC contractors offer different types of HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and emergency services. Note that even though some of these HVAC contractors have expertise in providing one or more of these services, it is best to confirm they possess the appropriate equipment to effectively complete the work. Once you confirm your intended HVAC contractor's expertise, you should also determine how much they charge for their services.

Provided below are average cost estimates for common HVAC services in Oklahoma City:

Air conditioner installation
$3,304 - $4,348 (for two-three ton unit)
Air conditioner repair
$76 - $88
Window A/C unit installation
$208 - $236 (for 5,000 btu window unit)
Whole house humidifier installation
$341 - $402 (for mid-grade central humidifier (flow-through)
Central air purifier installation
$1,039 - $1,517
Central air purifier repair
$872 - $1,202
Thermostat installation
$115 - $132
Thermostat installation
$66 - $81
Forced air furnace installation
$2,499 - $3,146(for 80,000-100,000 btu gas furnace)
Forced air furnace repair
$87 - $115

Do You Offer Emergency HVAC Services in Oklahoma City?

Any kind of HVAC-related problem you notice should be treated as an emergency. Examples of common HVAC problems include refrigerant leaks, broken thermostats, malfunctioning fans, and leaking air conditioners. When faced with these situations, you can look for an experienced HVAC contractor near you to handle them. Neglecting these problems may compromise the health of the occupants of the affected building and also cause extensive damage to the building. Also, addressing the problem quickly helps you avoid unnecessary and high utility expenses. You can find licensed, qualified, and experienced HVAC contractors near you via online directories provided by:

It is advisable to authenticate the licensing status of any HVAC contractor found on these platforms to ensure they are duly licensed by utilizing the CIB's verify licensee search tool.

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for HVAC Contractors in Oklahoma City?

In Oklahoma City, HVAC contractors are mandated to maintain a $50,000 commercial general liability insurance certificate and carry a $5,000 corporate surety bond payable to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. Also, they must carry a worker's compensation insurance plan if they have at least one employee. Hiring an HVAC contractor with the requisite insurance and the surety bond is very important to protect you from spending out of your pocket when an accident occurs during your project. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 7,900 non-fatal occupational injuries involving HVAC contractors across the United States in 2020. As such, you should always request a copy of your HVAC contractor's insurance certificate and their bond certificate when hiring them. In addition, you must make sure you confirm the policy is still active by contacting the respective issuing company.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad HVAC Contractor in Oklahoma City

Various unlicensed individuals pose as qualified and experienced HVAC contractors in Oklahoma City. This is why you must pay attention when looking for qualified HVAC contractors near you so that you don't end up with unscrupulous individuals. Scam dealings and scam reports in Oklahoma City are common, and in some cases, these scammers make way with large amounts of money usually from multiple victims. For example, in January 2020, the Oklahoma Attorney General filed a 10-count felony indictment against a husband and wife accused of home repair fraud and embezzlement. The charges included stealing over $300,000 from multiple victims after the accused collected money from victims and either never started the work or left it midway. In addition, the accused sometimes work with materials they did not pay for, thereby leaving most houses with a lien placed for non-payments.

When looking for HVAC contractors near you, below are some traits indicative of a scammer:

  • The contractor refuses to properly explain the type of work they will be doing
  • The contractor tries to sell you used materials for cheaper rates
  • They are unable to provide work references
  • The contractor makes unsolicited HVAC repair offers
  • They refuse to provide copies of their licenses or certifications
  • They unnecessarily pressurize you to begin the project

To protect yourself from these scammers, you can do the following:

  • Ensure that your HVAC contractor is licensed and qualified for the job. You can use the CIB's verify licensee search tool.
  • Ensure the contractor maintains the right insurance policy and surety bond. You can contact the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board at (405) 521-6550 to confirm if they have these certificates.
  • Always ask the contractor for references from previous clients.
  • Get and compare estimates from at least three different contractors.
  • Execute a written contract detailing the project's scope, the cost, quality of materials to be used, start and estimated completion dates for the project, and the payment plan. However, only sign the contract when you understand all the terms.
  • Do not sign contracts with blank spaces.
  • Avoid making cash payments. Payments with credit cards or checks are better options, as they enable you to keep a record of all financial transactions between you and the HVAC contractor.
  • Avoid paying in full. If you have to make any downpayment or deposits, ensure you pay only 10% of the total cost of the project.
  • Keep records of documents related to the project safe.

You can file a complaint against a deceptive mechanical contractor with the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General by calling the Attorney General's Office consumer representatives at (833) 681-1895 or by completing and submitting a complaint form to:

Oklahoma Attorney General's Office
Consumer Protection Unit
313 Northeast 21st
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

You can also file a legal action against the fraudulent individual or business at the Oklahoma County District Court. Note that it is advisable to get proper legal advice before proceeding with such legal action. You can use the find a lawyer tool provided by the Oklahoma Bar Association to find active lawyers near you.