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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter in Oklahoma City

Painting projects in Oklahoma City are a good way to boost your home's curb appeal and increase its monetary value by as much as seven to fourteen percent. However, when undertaking these projects, it is essential to retain the services of a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself. Doing this not only ensures that the job is done right the first time, giving you value for your money but also shields you from the injuries and financial implications associated with painting-related hazards.

To get a good painter in Oklahoma City, you may seek recommendations from friends and neighbors, remodeling contractors, and real estate agents or search an internet directory. Regardless of the route you take to find a painter near you, getting answers to the following questions can help ensure that you end up with the best person for the job:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Painter in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City does not require painters to obtain specific contractor licenses. However, individuals that are involved in the repair, maintenance, or improvement work on private or residential structures that require a building permit must be duly registered by the city. This registration is handled by the Oklahoma City Department of Development Services, and painters are typically required to register as residential building contractors. Individuals that wish to undergo this registration will be required to meet certain requirements. These include paying a registration fee, providing proof of general liability insurance coverage of up to at least $50,000 per occurrence, as well as other documentation that may be requested at the time of the registration.

Registration can be done online via the Development Services Department's registration platform, and any painter that is required to have registered by the city but operates without doing so is considered guilty of a Class ˜a' offense. This offense attracts a fine not exceeding $500. Note that subsequent offenses will be charged as a Class ˜b' offense, which attracts a fine not exceeding $1200 and a jail term not exceeding 6 months.

You can verify your painter's registration by using the Oklahoma City Citizen Portal. You can also call this Department at (405) 297-2606 to make inquiries about contractor registration.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Painters in Oklahoma City?

Some of the factors that go into determining the hourly rate that painters in Oklahoma City charge prospective clients are:

  • The type and cost of paint and painting materials required for the project,
  • The nature and scope of the project,
  • The amount of work required to finish the job

It is important to note that not all painters operate on an hourly basis, and others may charge flat fees for their services. However, receiving estimates for your project from several painters near you is advisable, as this will help you determine the average cost of said project. Doing this also safeguards you from con artists and untrustworthy painters.

A painter in Oklahoma City earns an annual average wage of $44,060. The table below provides the hourly mean wage of painters in Oklahoma City and compares this with the wages of painters in other parts of the State of Oklahoma and several other major cities in the United States:

Oklahoma City Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Oklahoma State Painters Mean Hourly Wage
New York City Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Chicago Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Dallas Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Seattle Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Detroit Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Kind of Painting Services Do You Offer?

When starting a painting project, it is critical to make sure you hire the correct person for the task. Interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper removal, metal door painting, staining, and power washing are just a few of the expert services offered by Oklahoma City painters. Similarly, some painters may choose to specialize in either residential or commercial painting, while others may keep to painting recently constructed structures or house repainting. Each of these services often demands specialized tools and materials like paint scrapers, steel wool, bristle brushes, and putty knives that are specific to that service, so make sure your chosen painter is properly equipped for the job.

Given the seriousness of lead poisoning, it is also very important that your painter is conversant with the EPA's Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule if painting work is being done in a pre-1978 building. Finally, you should also find out how much the painter's services would cost you if you've concluded that the painter is a good fit for the task. The following are cost estimates for several common painting services in Oklahoma City:

Interior House Painting or Staining
$3.00 - $5.50 per square foot
Exterior House Painting or Staining
$3.12 - $5.25 per square foot
Paint Removal
$1.00 - $2.00 per square foot
Faux Painting
$1.85 - $3.70 per square foot for basic textures
Texture Painting
$25.00 - $60.00 per hour

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Painters in Oklahoma City?

While painters in Oklahoma City are not statutorily mandated to have an insurance policy to operate, some kinds of insurance policies, such as general liability and worker's compensation insurance, are required for painters that wish to register as residential building contractors.

The need to hire a properly insured painter in Oklahoma City cannot be over-emphasized, as this insurance protects you from the financial responsibilities that are commonly linked with work-related incidents and accidents. With the US Bureau of Labor Statistics recording over 1,600 work-related injuries amongst painters in 2020 alone, hiring a painter that has a valid insurance plan is absolutely essential. As such, you should always require any painter that you wish to hire to present proof of insurance, which you should verify with the relevant insurance provider.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Painter in Oklahoma City

In January 2020, an Oklahoma City couple was charged with a 10-count criminal indictment for stealing more than $313,000 from homeowners. This couple had defrauded unsuspecting homeowners by requesting money upfront for work they never started or never finished, as well as not paying for materials utilized for projects, leading to liens being placed on the victims' homes and companies.

Home improvement con artists frequently use the following strategies to scam unsuspecting homeowners off the hard-earned cash:

  • Using high-pressure tactics to sell a variety of painting-related services
  • Charging inflated prices
  • Delivering sub-standard work
  • Posing as building inspectors or other city officials to demand immediate inspections and repairs, usually for a fee
  • Identifying potential victims by checking out communities, especially after natural catastrophes, and then targeting vulnerable households
  • Convincing homeowners that written agreements are unnecessary
  • Obtaining funds to pay for services by persuading the homeowner to deal with a certain lender or convincing them to seek a reverse mortgage

Provided below are ways to ensure that you do not fall victim to a home improvement scam in Oklahoma City:

  • Use search engines and social media platforms to conduct a thorough web search for the painter's reviews. While searching, use keywords such as ˜scam' against their names. You can also check reputable online platforms like the Better Business Bureau for painter reviews and recommendations.
  • Find out if the painter has a website or social media platform that contains pictures of their finished work. These are usually indications that the painter is running a reputable business, particularly if they interact with customers on social media.
  • Give yourself ample time to explore other painting services, and don't be hesitant to trust your instincts if you suspect a painter is untrustworthy.
  • Request a copy of your painter's insurance policy, and then call the insurer to confirm the authenticity of this insurance coverage. This can protect you from being held accountable for any accidents that occur on the job.
  • Avoid cash payments and keep down payments to a maximum of 10% of the project's value or $1,000, whichever is smaller.
  • Ask probing questions during interviews with painters, such as how they handle change orders and how long they've been in business.
  • Get several estimates for your project and avoid offers that seem too good to be true when making your hiring decision.
  • Request up to three credible local references from any painter you intend to hire and be very cautious of painters who cannot offer them.
  • Ensure that you are provided a signed and well-detailed contract for the project and that you thoroughly review and comprehend the terms before signing it.

Residents of Oklahoma City can contact the Oklahoma Construction Industry Board to report home improvement scams involving contractors at (405) 521-6550. Complaints or reports of fraudulent home improvement-related services can also be lodged at the Oklahoma Attorney General Office's Consumer Protection Unit by calling (405) 521-2029. Alternatively, interested parties may download and complete a consumer complaint form, which should then be mailed to the following address:

Office of the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Unit
313 North East
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

You can also file a report with the Oklahoma City Police Department by contacting it at (405) 297-1000 or visiting its office at:

700 Concord Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73102